How The Funding Process Works

 A.  Call (310) 871-3996 or email  to introduce yourself and your project.

B.  There is no charge for your initial consultation.

C.  If at the end of our initial conversation we determine that we feel  we can be of assistance to you the next step is we will review your  business plan at no cost to get further details on your project.

D.  After reviewing your business plan the next step will be to issue you an Engagement Letter.

E.  We assist you with the legal aspects of raising capital and can  refer you to a licensed broker-dealer if you need to hire a person to  raise funds for you. We can also assist you with mergers &  acquisitions, licensing and introduction to various strategic partners.   

F.  The next step is for us determine who is the best fit for your   needs and then to start discussions with those funding sources that are a  good "fit" for your project.  See this  list of iBanks we can introduce  you to

G.  After we get confirmation of interest in your project from one of  our sources then the next step is to get you a Term Sheet that outlines  the requirements for closing the transaction.

H.  Once you review the Term Sheet then we can help you to negotiate any  of the specific terms necessary to arrive at a meeting of the minds  between you and the funding source.  Once that is done then the  Definitive Agreement is executed by all of the parties.

I.   The final step is for us to help you meet the conditions for  closing and setting up the escrow account for funds to be transmitted.